Hello! My name is ELVIRA ALYMOVA. I am a professional make-up artist, photographer and retoucher. I work with portraits, studio production and beauty-photography. My career has started quite early, but found a common direction 5 years ago. It was then, that I understood, that the real beauty unfolds in the arms of an artist, who is able to see it.

My career is going hand in hand with sporting contests. My make-up gives the final touch to the looks of the most beautiful champions of our planet. USA, China, South Africa, Spain, Baltic countries, Greece — these are just a few countries, that I visited to transform the images female athletes, who take part in bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

As a make-up artist I take part in many competitions not only in all-Russian and regional tournaments, but also in international championships: Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio (USA), Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid (Spain), Arnold Classic South Africa (South Africa) and the most important international bodybuilding competition held under the sponsorship of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) — Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas (USA).

To create images, I use Luxury cosmetics of world-famous luxury brands, among which, of course, I have my favorites. I have worked out a unique make-up technique for performing athletes. My private method is so popular and successful that I regularly give individual classes and master classes giving my students the certificates. My students are both athletes and professional make-up artists from all over the world: Japan, Canada, Europe, China, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and, of course, Russia. Due to international online courses, my audience keeps on growing.

Beauty retouch has become my new source of inspiration. It is a transfer of the of beauty of the face close-up, in detail, without imperfections. The process of working on a masterpiece is entirely in my hands: I create an idea, an image, a make-up, a photo, and a professional retouching. The result is an expression of my vision, my own aesthetic. I share my work via my Instagram account @elissalymova.

I love what I make! My works are feelings and emotions at the tip of the brush, music in the palette of colors and shadows. This is my life, my adrenaline, my euphoria! Looking at a model through my eyes is the art of seeing her unique style, beauty, and power. I show off the facial dynamics that change every second, these moments do not repeat, as they are unique. I love creating masterpieces, revealing the gorgeous that is hidden in faces, capturing the beauty through the lens of my camera. The pictures created in my Studio, are brought to perfection by the glamour of retouch. This is real magic! I am an artist creating a new masterpiece.

You are unique… Here and now!

With love, your Elvira Alymova.

Elvira Alymova © 2021